AVN CAR Infotainment Solution





We care for customer’s safety and convenience via our state-of-the-art infotainment system which gives you all kinds of information and entertainment in one system. Our infotainment system, as an integrated car system, is able to provide various functions such as navigation, digital dash, trip computer, AV system, mobile, TV, MP3, Audio and connection with external devices. Through our system, you can enjoy abundant contents received from smart devices. Furthermore you can experience high-tech functions such as in-car information, routine vehicle inspection notice, voice recognition and car alarm system. 

Our AVN, as a high-end multimedia system embracing Audio, Video and Navigation, enables various functions inside of car by easy connection with smart devices such as smart phone and tablet. We are ready to provide customized AVN systems developed in various platforms such as WinCE, Linux(GENIVI), Android, etc



Our AVNT, AVN added with Telematics, serves high-tech functions such as in-car information,  routine vehicle inspection notice, car alarm system, emergency rescue, real-time traffic, weather, stock, vehicle remote control and so on, by using Telematics functions

 Smartphone Connectivity Solution             


 - CarPlay

 - Android Auto

 - CarLife

 - Miracast

 - MirrorLink


 - SDL