Artificial Intelligent Automotive Gateway






• LTE communication Automotive gateway based on loT 


 As AIG-200 is an integrating automotive gateway, it can be used various          

 function device such as from simple LTE Modem, LTE router to LTE gateway. 

 It is loT device which is installed application expandability of loT service and

 it man-ages and controls various devices in vehicle by integrating connection.

• Multi-port interface


  AIG-200 is applying multi-port interface so that it is easy to connect to various devices in vehicle and       also be possible to customize by each connection device interface. As it is possible to apply various     wireless standards, it can execute LPWA gateway function.

· All-in-one LTE Communication 


 As AIG-200 is the Multi-Carrier supported product, it supports Korea and Japanese telecommunication  companies communication frequency bandwidth with the integral antenna. Because it is designed to be compatible to Cat.1, Cat.4, Cat.m1 and NB-loT which is LTE communication speed standards and to be  applied ESIM and USIM, it can be used selectively by customer's requirements. 

• Compact Design Product


  AIG-200 is easy to install inside and outside of all environment as it is designed as a small size with     optimized layout.