5Ch View LTE Communication Car Drive Recorder with 5" LCD



•  All in one optimized high performance product implementation built in 1CH camera and external 4Ch camera interface for recording front/rear/inside/Side(Left/Right) of vehicle, LTE communication modem with GPS and one internal antenna for it
•  Built-in Wide screen LCD with touch screen panel can provide live-view, easy and fast recorded/recording video check and user friendly GUI for function control.

•  Real time record with high quality video of 1CH Full-HD and 4CH HD, GPS and G-sensor data

•  All-in-one built in antenna design so that applying various communication companies’ communication frequency bandwidth integrally

•  Various LTE category are possible to apply compatibly so that it can respond to IoT customer’s requirements and service flexibly

•  Interlocking with control server by LTE connecting, it can be used for controlling vehicle driving history with real-time location by sending GPS data
•  Using drive and driver’s condition as Big Data for safe driving control by sending each event information such as 
   car accident, sharp turn, sudden stop and quick start to Cloud Server